My name is Gillian Robidas.

I grew up in the Seacoast Area of NH, and was homeschooled K-12. Growing up, I did as many activities as I could squeeze into my day: riding my mom's horses, raising sheep and chickens, sewing, acting in plays, making movies with my cousins, being heavily involved in 4-H, and of course, figure skating.

Upon graduating high school, I knew skating was the thing that would stay with me and become more of a lifestyle than a hobby. Through a lot of hard work and perseverance, I left behind the recreation-based program I'd grown up in and brought my skating to a new level. 

Through participating in Theater on Ice, I discovered contemporary skating and fell in love. The place where skating stops just being a routine collection of moves and becomes a real performance is definitely my sweet spot. I am currently in my 4th season with Theater on Ice of Boston, a program that has given me the opportunity to work with the likes of Kate McSwain, Joel Dear, and Adam Blake.

As I've continued to skate, I've also held-down multiple day jobs that have helped shape who I am today. I worked full-time as an assistant manager in retail, and then at 19 began working in the special education department of our local high school, a position I still hold. This job has given me an invaluable perspective on the importance of creativity, and viewing life through different angles in our day-to-day.

Currently, I am also employed at Home Ice Boston, where I'm learning to fit and sharpen skates, as well as teaching several Learn to Skate classes at various local rinks. 

I have always been a verbal processor. When I was 15, I started my first blog, and wrote there for 5 years. While I had fallen in love with writing long before that, that blog was what made me discover and fall in love with personal essays. Once I stopped writing there, I was surprised by how much I missed it. There's something so addicting to me about collecting your work in one place, and I find the self-reflection that comes with writing so helpful. I love writing my experiences in some sort of cohesive narrative. I recently changed my blog name to Currently Seeking, and I'm excited to talk about work, skating, creativity, goal setting, and reading, as I figure out what my role in this world is.

In the margins between working and skating, my favorite things are reading, coffee breaks, and British mysteries. Journaling and yoga are important practices to me, and I'm working on becoming a more consistent runner, too. I absolutely love hiking, and in Summer 2017 started working towards hiking all 48 of NH's 4000 foot elevation mountains. Jane Austen's Emma, Frog and Toad, and Seinfeld have my heart. I'm also partial to country music, the 1940's, and flannel shirts. 

I believe in going hard for what we want, and never settling for a mediocre life. I believe that our dreams have to be fought for, and that we owe it ourselves (and the people around us) to be all that we can be. I believe in having a great group around you, working hard, staying creative, and being the grittiest one in the room.

Thanks for stopping by!